Saturday, September 03, 2005

De Bowwwwwwiiiiiiiissssssssss

IT was a big night in my area last night with a grudge soccer match between the local team the Bohemians or de Bohs as they are known locally pronounced de bowwwwissss and their arch rivals Shamrock Rovers or de Hoops.


Bohs Match

Some bright spark Bohs’ fan (or so it looks) defaced a Shamrock Rovers monument and it made the paper along with the irate comments of some Shamrock Rovers’ fans.

Here what the Bohs website said about the incident:

Bohemian Football Club utterly condemns the defacing of the Shamrock Rovers monument in Milltown. The monument commemorates a ground that is a significant part of Irish soccer heritage, as much a part of that rich history as our own home, Dalymount Park, long recognised as the home of Irish football. The heritage and history of our game should transcend club rivalries. We would share in the sense of dismay of all true football fans at this wanton act of vandalism.

There’s a lot of rivalry sometimes ending in violence between the two teams so people were taking no chances in Phibsboro (where Bohs are located) last night for the match between the two.

Football grounds are to the bottom right of the picture

And that’s where Tetra and I met for a pint after work.

garda dogs

There was a huge Garda presence, Gardai on corners, Gardai on horses, and Gardai with big feck-off dogs.

Garda Garda everywhere

We went into Doyles pub and had our drink, then at one point you could hear the chanting of the Rovers’ fans as they came by. At this point the bar staff ran out and pulled down the shutters on the pub, just in case.


(Bear in mind a Rovers’ fan last year threw a pigs head onto Bohs pitch during a match, yum and nice.)

The regulars were not impressed. We were drinking in the bar side of the pub, not the lounge and it is full of the regular, local and older crowd, mostly men, and most of them smoke and most of them were miffed that they couldn’t have their ciggie on demand.

The shutters were only down for about 10 minutes, just enough time to allow the crowd to get into Dalymount Park, where the game was being played.

We had one more drink and went back to my house, where the young wan was still doing her room, seriously.

However, that’s a rant in itself and I am too withered to even talk about it anymore.

As Friday night is lazy night, we decided to order a Chinese food take away.

Tetra went to the bathroom and came back slamming the door with gusto. Bollox, did I mention that the lovely man apparently managed to pull the handle from the inside of the door in the living room.

We discovered, well the young wan discovered last week that if the door is slammed shut, you are effectively locked into the living room.

It isn’t fixed yet, but after last night, it soon will be.

So the long and the short of it is that the next thing the food arrived, and I leant out the window to tell the delivery woman that we would be right down.

Then the door’s status became apparent and I could have throttled Tetra, and I know, I know, how was she to know that, as she kept telling me last night.

However that didn’t open the door and the delivery woman was still waiting, and waiting at the front door.

We flaffed about for what seemed like ages and we looked at the door, hoping for a brainwave, and nothing at all was coming.

We couldn’t kick the door open, no one else was in the house and we couldn’t get help there and then I saw the keys.

So I leant out the window and said to the girl: “this will sound mad but the handle is off the inside of my living room door and my friend has shut us in and we cannot get out. Is there any chance if I throw my keys down to you, could you come up and let us out?”

She looked more than dubious and went over the car to consult with her male passenger and then came back, I threw out the keys and up she came and rescued us.

Jaysus thank God for that!


The young wan has come up with a solution, I don’t think it will work, I imagine you’d see the sign just as soon as you slammed the door shut.

Oh and just in case you are interested here’s the final score as written on the Bohs website (definitely impartial as you can see).

Bohemians 1-3 Rovers:::02/09/05

Tony Grant put Bohs ahead after 11 minutes in a game which the home side dominated, but still lost 3-1.

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cc said...

A freakishly similar thing happened to me and the hubby once, only it was 7 in the morning and our young wan (2years old at the time) was crying on the other side of the door, unable to get in and us unable to get out.

The only windows in our bedroom that opened were tiny, so we couldn't climb out. Coupled with the fact that we lived in the middle of nowhere, at least 30 miles away from anyone whose phone number we knew!!

So handleless, neighbourless and frantic we had to phone the police who had to travel 12 miles from the nearest town.

We passed the key out through the window and they let themselves in through the back door.

Goodness knows what the young wan (by now hysterical) thought when he saw the two big uniformed men walking down the hall to free his beleaguered parents.

We were reunited with our beloved son and resolved immediately to return to civilisation as soon as possible, which we subsequently did!!