Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Dreaming of Turkey...

I'VE just come home from a wonderful holiday in Turkey and I'm depressed.





Just look at the view that I have left behind, wouldn't you be depressed too?

I will be downloading the hundreds of pictures I took over the next couple of days onto my fickr account and you can see them all then.

You'll be able to see views of Ephesus, Kusadasi, a market in Celchuk and the bazaar outside our apartment. And all are wonderful. But for now here's a taster.

Outside the airport, having a last ciggie.

Waiting for the sun, well waiting for the plane actually. Delays are a bollox.

The bazaar outside our apartment.

Looking down into the bazaar from our apartment.

Men playing cards at a bar in Celchuk where they hold a very large weekly market.





There were a lot of ‘snip’ parades where a young man who has just come of age is paraded around on a donkey after getting snipped.

Then outside Celchuk there is the most amazing place Ephesus. I will do a post on this but here’s a little taster.




Fi said...

Yeeeaahhhh you're back it was fierce boring here without you!! Pics are fecking amazing they make my holiday look so crap! But who cares as long as fun was had!

doris said...

Everything is so artistic. The way the cucumbers are laid.... why don't our supermarket ones have that same aura? The colours... and I love the shot of the market through the roof.

Looks like a wonderfuk feast of a holiday. Welcome back :-)

thordora said...

you are SOOOOO lucky

Boliath said...

Yay I was wondering where the hell you were, welcome back, thanks for the pics, superb as always

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duncan said...

wonderful pics. Digital photography is great when you have a feckin' clue what the camera is supposed to be doing. just bought a new camera, hopefully it will do a similar job!

Michelle Mitchell said...

I was in Antalya/Turkey in June its beautiful out there. Dying to go back.

Beautiful pictures.

Steve said...

As always the pics are fantastic, you really have an eye for framing and composition.
At least now that I have a digital camera I can see that some of my pics are crap before I waste money on having them developed