Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Sad passing of a Flickr member

AROUND the time I started blogging, in the relatively recent past, I also discovered flickr, the photo-sharing site, which I love.

What I adore about it is that you can use it how you want, within reason and legalities of course, download snapshots, chat with other photographers about techniques, tricks or even meet new pals.

While browsing others’ photographs today, I saw a very poignant and sad posting about the death of one of the contributors called Sakura.

Sakura’s ‘Denim’ taken from her flickr site

Sadly on July 5th Sukura posted her last picture of a new t-shirt she had recently bought. She writes in the post about her forthcoming move to Ohio. After a few comments from her friends and people who like her picture, on July 13, she posted her last comment about arriving in Ohio and settling down.

At one point in the thread one of her friends posts that she died in a car accident.

In no time at all, members of the flickr community have posted some 130 comments expressing their sorrow at her passing.

It struck me that like any other community, the blogging and photographic community in flickr and other such places on the net, things are not so different to the real-time community (for want of a better phrase).

You would think that the internet is somehow a little removed from the normalities we expect in the ‘real world’ that Sukura’s death could be missed by the online community and her online friends. Thankfully it wasn’t.

Check out her photographs here, some are absolutely wonderful, http://www.flickr.com/photos/sa_ku_ra/23914149/

RIP Sakura

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Joel said...

Thank you for posting about her.