Monday, June 13, 2005

Galway Abú

I’ve just spent a wonderful couple of days with an old pal in the west of Ireland with the most magnificent weather so far this year.


Spending time with my pal reminded me how it is so important to spend time with friends, how important it is to recharge the auld batteries, not to mention the soul and no where better than the west of Ireland with someone wonderful and their family. Life can be soo busy that we forget all this and before you know it too much time has passed since spending time with important people.

Between magnificent sunsets, stunning sandy beaches, old friendly company, laughing and crying babies, beautiful food, we all had a ball – the teenager, the doggie and me.


During one of our leisurely afternoons on one of the many beaches, we discovered that doggies do not know instinctively how to swim. The young wan headed off to the water with a very excited and delighted doggie and the dog’s squeaky bottle. Once the bottle was hurled into the sea, off the dog bounded and I mean bounded.



But once in the water up to her neck, she just froze looking absolutely petrified and no amount of cajoling would budge her, none at all. She hadn’t a clue what to make of all this water and looked absolutely petrified.

After much shouting at the doggie, hearty laughs, clapping (don’t know why we thought that would work) laughing some more, the young wan went in to rescue the dog (I was wearing linen and had no intention of trying to hitch them up my legs). After a futile attempt to jump up on the young wan, the doggie was pushed by the bum back onto dry land.

I don’t think that the doggie was traumatised…. well much anyway.


And just because I have nothing left to say, I’ll let these pix taken from the weekend do all the talking.






Bernard said...

You make Galway beautiful.

doris said...

Some really stunning pix! Thank you for posting them :-)

Jordie said...

A line from Spielbierg movie "Stand by me " springs to mind. "You will never have friends like those you made at twelve." How tragic and how poignantly true.


Red Mum said...

I suppose its tragic and poignant when they aren't in your life and you miss them.

However, when they are still counted in your gang of friends, thats wonderful, eh Jordie!!!!