Monday, May 23, 2005

sunshine after the rain

AFTER a mediocre week, I took off over the weekend with pals from a former work place to Limerick. So I packed the overnight bag, sorted out the young wan, put on my sunglasses and headed off to get a lift.

Somewhere over Laois, the weather turned... Really turned. But apparently it rains all the time in Limerick and it didn't disappoint, it rained a lot. Despite the miserable weather, the evening out was good and Limerick is a beautiful city with great nightlife.

You get used to not having the weather in Ireland, if it's great, great, if not so what, enjoy yourself anyway. Sometimes there's a lot of benefits to be gained by the rain.

Donegal is a stunning county in Ireland, with the most amazing and beautiful beaches which would rival any anywhere else. If we had guaranteed good weather, Donegal and other places like it could become a package holiday destination. For now they feel like well-kept secrets. And sure who needs the weather....


Uh oh – storm ahead


Getting closer and bigger


Rain ahead


Rain overhead


Nearly over


At least the swans are happy


Sunshine after the rain

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Ted Demopoulos said...

Ahhh., so it rains alot - perhaps the secret as to why it's so Green there :)

It's raining 7 consecutive weekends here, most of them downpours.

And it sounds like I need to someday check out some of those beaches