Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rally today for the cervical cancer vaccine

THIS afternoon I'll be meeting with, hopefully, lots and lots of other angry people at the rally organised to tell Harney that we want our daughters to receive the cervical cancer vaccine. Are you going?

We are meeting this afternoon at 2pm at the Spire on O'Connell Street, Dublin and then going to the Teachers' Club at 3.30pm for a public meeting. You can read more on the Irish Times.

Are you Facebook? If so please join the group where the campaign continues.

I have to give a massive shout out of thanks to Gavin who has been absolutely brilliant giving lots of help and more with the group. At times we have been chatting on Facebook astounded watching the numbers joining steadily rise with each page refresh.

As I write this some 2, 435 members have joined and climbing, we have not been able to work out how many invites members have sent out as once you reach 6,000 invites Facebook doesn't tell you how many invites after that. We reached 6,000 invites on November 14th.

Hopefully this response will be matched on the streets today. People are angry about this we need to let Harney know it.


English Mum said...

I've joined! Well done you for doing this. My niece has received her vaccine now in the UK and let's keep everything crossed that her Irish cousins get to receive theirs too xx

Anonymous said...

Saw the piece in the paper - well done. How did the rally go?

Kevin Dunne said...

Hi, I read about this in the paper too and thought it was fantastic. How did Saturday go?

Red Mum said...

@ Fiona and Kevin - about 100 people turned up and I'll be honest and say I was a bit disappointed in that. But at the end of the day it was quickly organised and the fact the Facebook group has grown two-fold between sat and mon to more than 5k is more than exciting.

The rally did feel a bit like a socialist worker recruitment rally which I suppose is to be expected. I had felt it was important to tap into the fact that people from all backgrounds are angry about this for all sorts of reasons and not turn them off because they feel they are politically opposed to your view.

I should say though that I didn't play any part in the actual organisation of the rally, I just publicised it via email (like loads of other people) and the FB group. Just in case it read like it, which it kinda did. Or then again maybe I am selling short the work members in the group did, which has been wonderfully sizeable.

Anyway Saturday wasn't the culmination of a campaign for us, merely the beginning.

Red Mum said...

oops @englishmum thanks a million and here's hoping.

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