Monday, October 23, 2006

Hits of the day

Damien's discovered that a past post of his on Thinkhouse PR has disappeared from a google search despite being in the top three previously. Odd indeed and delighted to see the tags from all the corresponding posts has dominated the cloud tag on Irishblogs.

It reminded that that when I moved to Blogger Beta I trackedbacked (well I think I did, I'm still grappling with that one) to a post on Blogger's Buzz about problems I had with it. The next day I got loads of visits from people passing by from the Blogger Beta post. When I checked back a couple of days later it was gone. I presumed at the time that they only allowed so many trackbacks to be shown at any time, maybe I was wrong!

Another important link is to Cllr Seamus Ryan's blog with his online petition for Breastcheck to be extended to all parts of the country. It is mad to think in 2006 that your geographical location dictates whether or not you can get avail of this vital service. Go sign the petition.

Meanwhile Cllr Damien Blake is calling on bloggers to start an internet campaign on the carnage on our roads, I don't agree with all his suggestions but I'm all for action on our roads.

Well done to both councillors for utilising the internet on two very important issues. We need more of this in the Irish Blogosphere.

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David Todd said...

did you know I'm your only subscriber using

that I'm also the only subscriber to Snow Patrols's blog @ MySpace

Anonymous said...

Ha very good cyberscribe, its always good to know that at least one person is reading this stuff.