Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween from the train

TAKING the train from Belfast to Dublin last night it is almost hard to see Ireland as anything other than a pagan country, I did say almost...

Having caught the 6.10pm train back down to Dublin I was entertained by the constant flash of fireworks the entire journey, all 100 miles or so.

With the clocks going back on Saturday night, it was completely dark by the time the train began its journey.

From Belfast until Dublin, the darkness was broken now and again by a bonfire surrounded by shadowy figures, quite magical! Again this was the case the whole way down the journey.

While the Belfast/Dublin train is not the same train used years ago where you could hang out the window, I was determined to try and capture the fireworks from the train.

This was no mean feat considering the windows do not open and they are double glazed meaning it is practically impossible to take a picture without the reflection from the inside of the carriage also being included.

But I persevered which seemed to make the other passengers beside me somewhat confused.

I was happy with my attempt which caught some fireworks being let off in Newry. What I like especially about the picture is that you can see I am in a moving vehicle/train by the way the lights are trailing in a line. Then you see that despite the train’s movement, I managed to capture some the fireworks going off.


When I arrived in Dublin, it sounded like a war zone. Okay that is a slight exaggeration but the noise across the city marked Halloween very well. While I was worried about the effects of the loud bangs on the dogs, she was not bothered in the least and was more interested in getting out of her travelling box.

Next stop Christmas, apparently.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Red Mum, I'm glad to know that even in the Ireland of my memories, things have moved forward and I am not the only one feeling as though I was under bombardment.