Tuesday, October 07, 2008

MY WEE baby, ha, is off on a school exchange trip tomorrow for a week and a half to Bergerac in France, no not the Channel Islands that is Bergerac the detective you eejit :) To say we are having a stressful evening would not go far enough.

She also made plans to go to get a lift to the airport with her pal's Dad only it involved me waving her off at the house before I went to work! As if... So hopefully they won't mind that I bring her up a little while before arranged, its too late now to phone and arrange it. I want to wave her off with someone I know will get her to where she needs to be, not leave her at the house for her to make her own way, once again, as if... Unfortunately I can't bring her out myself, work is too mad and I have already taken time off to sort her out for the trip. I cannot take a morning off on our busiest day of the week. Can I stop feeling guilty about that now please?

Anyway the dog who was pacing around the suitcase earlier, she knows what it means, has now stuck her head between two cushions. And of course as soon as I tried to quietly lift out my camera from my bag, she moved. She is a dreadful model. Ah fantastic she has put it back again :)


Despite telling the Young Wan to make sure everything she needed was put to the side there has been a lot of 'where is this other shoe' or 'do you plan on bringing a coat? Currently the washing machine is washing a coat which I will somehow dry between now and the morning (once again thank the gods for central heating).

Anyway I am away back to work. Passport, check, spending money, check, no liquids in hand baggage, check. Now where is that other shoe?


Coastal Aussie said...

Aww, that's the cutest photo - and what a gorgeous necklace. I hope your daughter has a wonderful time on her trip. Will you have student come and stay with you in her absence?

Red Mum said...

She howled when we left this morning, the doggie not the daughter :), she sees a suitcase and think uh oh. her collar is Turkish and one of those wards against the evil blue eye :)

I've laughed every time someone has asked me that same question, the exchange means she goes over there and stays with a kid and her family, then she comes over to us and stays, which will be sometime in April :)

Can you imagine swapping your teen like that, mad, better the devil you know I say ;)

Grannymar said...

I got a toyboy from Germany for Elly!!

Red Mum said...

@grannymar oh jesus thank god it isn't a boy!!! Not with the sharing of a room!

Coastal Aussie said...

You're a brave Mum to be without her. I say Mum's are the bravest creatures, because she is part of you, and is now far away. I'm sure she'll be missing you.

Oh, Turkish? Goodness, so exotic. I'm inspired now to change my dog's collar from his plain grey and red striped one.

Ha ha, yeah, the teen-swap/child replacement would have been so strange, but it happens here, in the sense that heaps of Asian students of all ages come to Oz and live with families, even young teens. I find it strange, especially because, as you say, I just couldn't image shipping my child off to unknown lands.

Your way sounds like a great way to make a new friend...I do wonder though about the kids who just can't get along with each other, wouldn't it be awkward when the reciprical visit takes place? Though I know you're visitor will surely have a ball. :)

Coastal Aussie said...

Oh, dear.. an apostrophe overload there.